"Our goal, so we thought, was to simply update our look. Ledden Design, through focused questions, surveys, and interviewing, helped reinforce and further reveal our unique approach in the benefits marketplace. The result is beyond a new look - we enjoy a transformed image that reflects our commitment to our clients' business needs. Our corporate branding is applied throughout all our communications. Well done."

– Greg Newton, Owner, Dorbar Group Benefits

Dorbar – Logo Identity

Dorbar Inc. initially contacted us to create a website to establish an online presence for insurance brokers. In discussing the project with the client, we discovered that their most immediate need was to develop a corporate brand strategy before venturing online.


The logo brand identity we created reflects the services Dorbar provides: they act as a bridge between large insurance providers and employers. As well, we came up with a tagline that supports the brand: “Business-focused benefits advice”. As part of the branding process, we also recommended a revision to their name — Dorbar Group Benefits — because it better describes what the company does. They liked our suggestion and agreed to the change.