Health Quality Ontario website image curation

HEALTH QUALITY ONTARIO, asked us to curate more than 100+ images for their website. As the provincial health advisor, the site raised public awareness and affects all Ontarians, regardless of region, economic or social status, language, culture, age, gender or religion, who receive and benefit the high quality care that is fair and appropriate.


The website structure, wire framing and navigation was designed prior to us coming on board. We were tasked to curate the imagery for the website, and support the brand value, which involved the following:

  • Establish the art direction/concept for the website imagery
  • Source, select and crop the images for the seven landing pages, including the home page
  • Source, select and crop the images for the six supporting sub sections, and create a selection of “common images” throughout the site
  • Source, select and crop the 100+ images for the remaining secondary and tertiary level web pages
  • Create a system of 30 illustrated icons, that work in English and French
  • Select a system of colours that work within the brand guidelines and ensure AODA accessibility requirements
  • Ensure imagery works responsively for other devices
  • Supply all web-ready images to the web development team in multiple formats and sizes.


HQ Ontario had an image library of over 3,000 images to work through. We also sourced from outside image resources and photographers. The mandate was to reflect health quality for every person living in Ontario, so the site had to reflect a very diverse selection of people, and needs.

We storyboarded images that expressed the concept of “focused engagement”. This image direction established our criteria moving forward.

In order to stay on track we worked alongside with HQ Ontario communication team members, and the web IT department, holding weekly production meetings.

We relied on the assistance of each of the different communication managers for their specific knowledge and worked collaboratively within the whole team.

To help organize the extensive amount of images, we set up a spreadsheet to track the images by sections; established a naming system; and submitted the web-ready images when completed.

  • image curation for 7 key landing web pages
  • image curation for 10 secondary web pages and icons
  • 100+ images throughout the 1,000+ pages
  • HQ Ontario website launched April 2016, on time, on budget, and on brand.