HEQCO Annual Report 2015/16

“It’s that time of year again”, Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, HEQCO, approached us to design their new report, they went on to say, “it was great working with you for the PhD infographic and look forward to working with you again”.


The main concern was timing. The report needed to be completed, printed and delivered to their minister by end of July 2016. We were approached mid-June, which allowed us a bit more than one month to complete both English and French reports, including printing.


We developed the concept of “solutions”, reflecting HEQCO’s extensive initiatives, publications, events and solutions. This direction set the tone for the design and imagery of the report. Each goal was supported with infographics of key accomplishments. The cover design wraps up the report with engaging students looking upwards, towards the future of higher learning.

  • 60 pages AODA-accessible PDF, in English
  • 60 pages AODA-accessible PDF, in French
  • 15 tables and 2 figures/graphs, and lots of infographics
  • Approximately one-month project length

If you would like a copy of the report, please CONTACT US. The report is currently tabling in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario and will be posted on the HEQCO site later this year.

Kudos, to team members Susan Mosdell, Bill McLean, and a wonderful happy client!