"Our pick as the outstanding submission in this category — The Musicians' Pension Fund — stood out in our minds as the most striking example of the design process adding value to the rebranding beyond the usual mark of identity and applications. Ledden Design listened to their client (quite literally, in this case) and proposed a change in the naming of the organization which both "informalises" the corporate entity and more accurately reflects the way they present themselves to their stakeholders on a day-to-day basis. This struck us as more than good design — it's good business."

– RGD 2008 Design at Work, Judges' Pick Brand Award. Darren Wilson, RGD and Colleen Vecsi (Judges)

Musicians’ Pension Fund of Canada

We created a brand identity based on the theme of “working in concert”. The identity highlights the fact it’s a Canadian association with more than 8,000 members. We also revised the name that’s simpler and easier to remember: “Musician’s Pension Fund”.

The benefit: the brand is now in tune with its members. Our brand design for the Musician’s Pension Fund won the 2008 RGD Design at Work Judge’s Pick Brand Award.

The logo concepts and designs created by team members:
Cathy Ledden, Creative director and designer
Amy Li, Designer
Alison Birtles-Fraser, Designer