Bill McLean ACM

Bill is Ledden Design iT’s technology director. He is a software engineer with over 30 years of experience programming, designing, building, and troubleshooting computer software and technology programs and projects.

Before joining forces with his business and life partner Cathy at Ledden Design iT, Bill ran his own business and also worked as a software engineer, director, and architect leading teams and projects at ATI Technologies, Siemens Nixdorf, ALT Software, and Volta Energy. A curious, life-long learner, he has worked in over 40 programming languages — and counting.



Bill leads Ledden Design iT’s projects that integrate software and interactive elements. This includes: websites; apps; computer interfaces; connecting to databases; smart interactive forms in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel; and accessible AODA-compliant documents and forms.

A natural teacher and mentor, Bill has the unique ability to translate technology and technical language, so his clients fully understand the approach being recommended, and why. He helps demystify the technology so clients ‘get it’ and can make informed decisions. And, as a man who loves to make others laugh, it’s almost guaranteed he’ll use a few groan-worthy puns along the way.

Bill is a member of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM).